About Us

Coffee N' Vibes is a coffee company with a mission to spread positive messages and love throughout the world. We founded this company in the heat of the pandemic when America was at its lowest point emotionally. Our goal is to provide an avenue for consumers to enjoy something that brings them joy, whether that's through our coffee or other products we offer on our website such as T-shirts, mugs, and stickers. The business started off as just my wife and me but we are growing rapidly. 

About Our Coffee

We’ve pride ourselves in finding the perfect beans and roasting them to perfection. And it all starts at just choosing which type of coffee beans we want - because every coffee bean has a story. It could be high-elevation specialty, medium elevation for espresso or even low elevation with some fiery passion in its veins.

We are committed to supporting smaller farms, paying more money for hand selected and picked coffees cherry that our workers love passionately taking care of each one by hand (and being rewarded enough so they actually enjoy themselves doing it).