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Are you tired of feeling rushed and unprepared in the morning? We’ve all been there: snoozing alarms, rushing through the shower, barely making it out the door.  But what if you could change the beginning of your days? The key is to start with your morning routine. These ranging from meditation to exercise, can help boost your productivity and set you up for success. In this blog post, we’ll look at 10 morning habits that geniuses use to get their day started.

Get up early.

Waking up early can help you start the day with clarity and focus. Use this extra time to practise other healthy habits like exercise or meditation, or to plan your day. Getting up early is one of the most common habits of successful people. It gives you more time to complete tasks and can make you feel more productive.

Making up your bed

Making your bed may appear to be a mundane task, but it is one of the morning habits of successful people for a reason. By doing so, you begin the day with a minor accomplishment that sets the tone for the remainder of the day. In fact, studies have shown that people who make their beds are more productive, more likely to exercise on a regular basis, and better at budgeting.


Meditation and mindfulness practises can help reduce stress and improve concentration. A few minutes of meditation or deep breathing exercises in the morning can help set the tone for a more centred and peaceful day. Meditation is something that many successful people incorporate into their morning routine.


Drinking water in the morning can help rehydrate your body after a night’s sleep and boost your energy levels, digestion, weight loss, detoxification, and immune system support. Perhaps try hot water with lemon or just a glass of water.  To stay hydrated and reap these benefits, drink plenty of water in the morning and throughout the day.


Morning physical activity can help you feel energised and ready to tackle the day. Getting your body moving, whether through stretching, yoga, or a full workout, can help you feel more awake and alert. Endorphins are released during exercise, which can help improve your mood and energy levels. It can also help you focus and be more productive throughout the day.

Play some music

In the morning, listening to upbeat or calming music can help improve your mood and reduce stress. To help set a positive tone for your day, make a morning playlist or listen to your favourite radio station.

Take a refreshing shower.

A cold shower in the morning can improve alertness and energy levels. It may also have additional health benefits, such as improving circulation and decreasing inflammation.

Gratitude exercises

Practicing gratitude can assist you in shifting your mindset to one that is more positive and optimistic. Take a few moments to reflect on your blessings or simply reflecting on what you are thankful for or write them down in a journal.


Taking a few minutes to plan out your day can help you prioritize tasks and reduce stress. Write down a to-do list or use a planner to help you stay organized and on track throughout the day.

Limit screen time

Limiting screen time in the morning can helps with stress reduction and mental clarity. To improve focus and productivity, avoid using social media or email until later in the day. Set boundaries around technology use to limit screen time in the morning. Consider turning off your phone’s notifications, avoiding social media until later in the day, or setting aside specific times for checking emails.

Overall, morning habits are important because they can help you set yourself up for a successful and fulfilling day. They can improve your physical and mental health, increase your productivity, and give your life structure and routine. While not every habit will work for everyone, trying out different habits can help you figure out what works best for you. Begin small and gradually increase your routine to develop a morning routine that works for you.

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